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Selena Gomez is a cute glamorous actress in Hollywood and today she need a perfect makeover treatment from you. Are you take the chance to prove your self?
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Her beauty is already a trademark known all over the world and her style is just as fabulous as it gets! Today she has a press conference. Help Selena get ready and take care of every single detail.
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She will go for her first award function and she needs your help for her make up. Please give her some magical touch which makes her more attractive.
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The beautiful and popular star, Selena Gomez Imagine you are a professional stylist and now you have the chance to show your talents.
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Selena Gomez is getting ready for a romantic date, so she needs to get a perfect look for this evening. Can you give her a helping hand?
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Selena Gomez is prettier when she wears makeup. However, not all types of makeup match her beauty. Choose the best makeup style and colors for her to have an even prettier and perfect look.
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Selena want to fashion show today. She need very nice make up and super hair style. Make your new ideas and give her a perfect make up.
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Selena Gomez always knows the latest nail trend! Tonight she is attending a fashion party with all of her Hollywood friends. Help her design the perfect manicure.
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Selena Gomez is a young celebrity actress that looks good naturally. Make her look even better by applying the proper dress and accessories.
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Give a make over to a pretty girl and compare the changes you made.
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